• The movements performed in our classes may appear to be focused on flexibility.
  • However, once you perform them,
  • you will feel your body awaken and the benefits to strength, stamina and overall well-being will become apparent.
  • Your posture will improve.
  • Your body won’t be swollen.

  • Before you know it, you will be able to face your own body.
  • You will learn a lot about your body.
  • You will be able to controll your body as desired.
  • So fun, have changes and discoveries everyday
  • I wanted to know earlier.
    I never thought it would be improved so much.

  • I can change by myself.
  • It is never too late,
    no matter how old you start.
  • program of 美流-BIRYU-®
    gives you such a courage,
    and full of hopes.
  • Would you like to experience it?


    What is 美流-BIRYU-®

    “美流-BIRYU-®” is developed by applying the theory of martial arts + manipulative treatment + rehabilitation
    to ballet, dance, and stretching & training etc.
    You can learn “a way to evolve your body” and “care methods tailored to your individual body” at the same time.

    BIRYU is an ideal approach to realign the body by yourself while also still enjoying your work and hobbies!



    For those who aim to be a BIRYU Instructor

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